Today, I left Twitter and Instagram. Why? You may well ask…

Twitter, Twitter, Twitter… you just really depress me!

And I’m not making light. I mean that in every sense of the word. I’ve suffered with depression for years, but you just seem to make it worse. I can’t scroll for more than a minute without seeing something that makes me want to spew molten crazy lava and smash whatever device I’m currently hold against the nearest wall. The toxicity of the ‘feed’ is actually infective. It’s like that ‘hate slime’ from Ghostbusters II. I feel angry when I am with you and that just isn’t right. It isn’t healthy for sure. For my own sake, I am moving on… Adieu.

Instagram, I loved you soooooooo much…

You were the photographer’s friend. A positive place for artists to shine. I felt warmth and kindness. Not the negative, repellent, bitchy, opinionated crap within Facebook – it was fresh and inviting. You were the enabler, allowing me to grow a following of more than 20,000, just for posting good photography. But, you went and hooked up with that loathsome, sneaky, duplicitous Facebook, didn’t you!?

Why!? You were perfect. Since you’ve been with FB, I can feel you changing. The filth of FB has rubbed off on you. You’ve buggered around with my feed (am I looking at today’s images or last weeks? Oh, it’s from last month that someone commented on today), you brought in truckloads of ads and sponsored posts (regardless of whether I say their irrelevant, you seem to think you know what’s best), and really… I’m just tired. I’m done. The Instagram experience has mutated, from one of genuine enjoyment and inspiration, to one of incredulity, disgust and, oh yeah, just expecting another bloody ad or sponsored post!!! I wish it were different… but alas… Sayonara!


My dear LinkedIn…

You were among the first social platforms that I tried. I know I left you before, but I truly didn’t know what I wanted, or what I should come to expect from a ‘social media’ relationship. This time, I’m staying. It’s not all one way with you. You give back. You have proven yourself to be viable, efficacious, even – generating actual business leads and meaningful career developing connections. You don’t ask too much. I don’t have the dreaded FOMO. You’re there when I need you and you occasionally pop by for a cuppa and a chat. Nice. Dear LinkedIn, please don’t change. Just keep doing what you do best.

Your pal,


P.s. I left Nikon too, but that’s a whole different story! Phew! What a day!?

EndThank you for reading


Photographic career began in 2002, freelancing as a commercial photographer. In 2005, I turned full-time 'wildlife pro', winning my first award and gaining agency contracts. Since then, I've travelled the world, photographing in the greatest wildlife hotspots.



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