First impressions of the FujiFilm GFX50s


The resolution of this 51.4 million pixel sensor is stunning. Matched with the world class FUJINON lens line-up, the amount of detail resolved should impress any 35mm user. The images here are not to be judged on aesthetics. This is just from my first walkabout with the GFX50s, keeping one eye on my dog, the other on the imminent rain clouds.

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Farewell Nikon. Hello FujiFilm Medium Format!

FujiFilm GFX50s medium format

In my previous blog post and newsletter, I explained that I was leaving Nikon – sounds rather melodramatic, lets just say I no longer have a Nikon system – and since then, I’ve had about a hundred enquiries asking what system I was moving too. Well, here’s your answer…

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They always say time changes things…

2018 has already become one of the most turbulent years in my 13-year long career in wildlife photography. I’ve had to take a little ‘timeout’ to reflect and evaluate. Along with stuff going on outside of my photography world, I’ve also made some huge changes within. Nikon, Getty Images, Social Media… All change.

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Kick-off Your Garden Bird Photography Project

With my 12-step guide to setting up a simple but effective photographic stage… This is a great project for the time-constrained weekend photographer. The garden bird setup is simple. There are no specialised tools or fancy gadgets. You just need to spend a little time considering the location and that’s pretty much it. Below you’ll find some logical steps to setting this up, plus a slideshow of ‘setting up’ pics and an

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30+ top tips to improve your wildlife photography

Elliott Neep

Over 30 marvellous wildlife photography tips and techniques that I’ve compiled over the years. The list is periodically updated with new tips and refined techniques that I frequently use. Get out there and put them to good use! Good support is the essential element for sharp photographs in low-light. Get yourself sorted and invest in a quality tripod with separate tripod head. Please avoid the flimsy, wildlife-freaking silver ‘hobby’ camcorder tripods.

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