Podcast Interview with Escape The Zoo

Escape The Zoo Elliott Neep Podcast
Escape The Zoo Elliott Neep Podcast
Escape The Zoo with Elliott Neep – Podcast ready to download

Being the classic introvert, I don’t often participate in talks or presentations, but I am working on it and hoping to do more.

A few weeks back, I had a very enjoyable web-chat with Daniel Clarke @ Escape The Zoo. We talk about my time photographing tigers, expeditions to the polar regions, flamingo hunting hyenas, also my life with depression and mental health. The interview is now available to listen on podcast.

I talk about encounters that have both enlightened and horrified me. It’s not all pretty pictures and smiles. I’m brutally honest!

Links to all the ways you can download and listen to the podcast below.

Link to the podcast site
Link to the podcast on iTunes
Link to the blog post / show notes
Link to the YouTube interview (audio only)

Elliott Neep

Currently based in Oxfordshire, UK. Experienced professional freelance wildlife photographer, writer, and photographic guide with portfolios from East Africa, India, Arctic, Antarctica and British Isles.

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