Welcome to the new-look photo blog

Nature In Focus photoblog by Elliott Neep

As you may have noticed, NatureInFocus.co.uk has been given a refresh. It’s now a contemporary parallax responsive site. All the important information, latest posts, and feature articles are all available from the home page, without requiring to go to the other pages.

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2019 Photo Safaris: Tigers, Polar Bears, and Great Migration

Elliott Neep on Safari

2019 is already shaping up to be a busy year for photo safaris! After teaming-up with David Lloyd earlier this year, we’re set to put on even more incredible photo safaris in the world’s best wildlife hotspots.

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Remembering Wildlife: Remembering Great Apes

Mountain Gorilla (Gorilla Beringei Beringei)

The Remembering Great Apes gallery exhibition is now open! This free exhibition of images from the latest book, will be open daily 10am-5pm from Monday 15th October to Saturday 27th October. The incredible book is now available to buy!

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Podcast Interview with Escape The Zoo

Escape The Zoo Elliott Neep Podcast

A very enjoyable webchat with Daniel Clarke @ Escape The Zoo. We talk about my time photographing tigers, expeditions to the polar regions, flamingo hunting hyenas, also my life with depression and mental health. Now available on podcast to download.

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The world’s biggest ever Wild Tiger photographic exhibition

SAVING WILD TIGERS at the Royal Albert Hall

The ‘Eye On The Tiger” photographic exhibition showcases over 30 of the world’s best wildlife photographers, all in aid of raising awareness for wild tiger conservation. This Save Wild Tigers initiative will begin from September 18th to October 14th, 2018 and will take place in the iconic Royal Albert Hall

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Returning to work… after six months in darkness

Well, hello there! Now, do I start off with an apology for my absence, or do we just accept that sometimes life throws you an especially slippery banana?! This post has little to do with photography, but everything to do with me, depression, mental health, and the events that transpired this year.

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First impressions of the FujiFilm GFX50s


The resolution of this 51.4 million pixel sensor is stunning. Matched with the world class FUJINON lens line-up, the amount of detail resolved should impress any 35mm user. The images here are not to be judged on aesthetics. This is just from my first walkabout with the GFX50s, keeping one eye on my dog, the other on the imminent rain clouds.

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Farewell Nikon. Hello FujiFilm Medium Format!

FujiFilm GFX50s medium format

In my previous blog post and newsletter, I explained that I was leaving Nikon – sounds rather melodramatic, lets just say I no longer have a Nikon system – and since then, I’ve had about a hundred enquiries asking what system I was moving too. Well, here’s your answer…

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They always say time changes things…

2018 has already become one of the most turbulent years in my 13-year long career in wildlife photography. I’ve had to take a little ‘timeout’ to reflect and evaluate. Along with stuff going on outside of my photography world, I’ve also made some huge changes within. Nikon, Getty Images, Social Media… All change.

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Today, I left Twitter and Instagram. Why? You may well ask…

Twitter, Twitter, Twitter… you just really depress me!

And I’m not making light. I mean that in every sense of the word. I’ve suffered with depression for years, but you just seem to make it worse. I can’t scroll for more than a minute without seeing something that makes me want to spew molten crazy lava and smash whatever device I’m currently hold against the nearest wall. The toxicity of the ‘feed’ is actually infective. It’s like that ‘hate slime’ from Ghostbusters II. I feel angry when I am with you and that just isn’t right. It isn’t healthy for sure. For my own sake, I am moving on… Adieu.

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